Reiwa 4th Year Schedule

1st Term: 23 Apr 2022 ~16 Jul 2022  (12 sessions)

                Half term break 4 Jun 2022

2nd Term:10 Sep 2022~10 Dec 2022 (13 sessions)

                Half term break 29 Oct 2022

3rd Term: 7 Jan 2023 ~25 Mar 2023 (11 sessions)

                Half term break 18 Feb 2023


◆Activity Day: Saturday for all classes

◆Lesson Times : 9:45 am ~12:00 pm

◆Gate Opening Times:  Morning     9.30am – 9:45am

                                      Collection 12.00am – 12.10pm


We rent a local school for activities

Holy Trinity C of E Primary Schools

Cadogan Gardens 


Nearest station: Sloane Square station (4 minutes walk)

​Lesson fees          

Year 2022/ 4rd year of Reiwa

All school class (including teaching materials and other expenses)

1st Term  £ 360 (Sibling discount: £ 670 for 2 children, £ 980 for 3 children)

2nd Term £ 390 (Sibling discount: £ 730 for 2 children, £ 1,070 for 3 children)

3rd Term  £ 330 (Sibling discount: £ 610 for 2 children, £ 890 for 3 children)

*The fee may be subject to change.

*Please note that we cannot refund the amount you are absent.

​Things to bring        

3-6 years old class:


・Drinking water & snack (eg, 2 biscuits or cut fruits etc.)

  *Please do not bring chocolate, candy, gum, nuts

・Attendance card 


・Change of clothes (if necessary)

Study classes:

  1. Stationary

  • Pencil: 3 or more (B/2B)

    *Please sharpen yourself ready for lesson

    *No ball point pens

  • Red pencil: 1 (for corrections)

  • Rubber: 1 (larger ones are easier to use)

  • Pencil case: Simple one with no attached toys

  • Bag: One that can fit an A4 folder

  • Folder: You will receive one on the first day

  • Scissors, Glue stick, Colouring pencils 

 2. Drinking water: water, tea (carbonated water, juice, no carton juices)

 3. Homework

Please write your name on all belongings (bag, flask, jumper, gloves, hat, stationary, etc.)

Do not bring any of the following: toys, balls, cards, games, non-Japanese books, etc.

​Absence & Lateness & Leaving early 

Absence: Please email of you know you will be absent, please text if it is on the day.

Lateness: Please email of you know you will be late, please text if it is on the day.

*Lateness hinders the lesson, activities and has connections to a decrease in learning ambition so please try to make it on time. Thank you for your cooperation.

Leaving early: Please email of you know you will be leaving early, or please let the person in charge know in the morning.


Email: info@chelsea-kodomonohiroba.co.uk

Urgent contact please phone 07948 219 743

Urgent contact is only available on Saturday between 9am and 1pm

​Mobile phone          


We permit your child to bring a mobile phone for urgent contact reasons, but they are not allowed to use their phone during lessons or break time.


*Please let the person in charge know if you will be absent for more than a month.

*Please not you will not be refunded for any completed payments.

*As an act of supporting examinations, we encourage you to speak to us about adjournments due to examination studies.

*We take pride in providing a safe and stable learning environment. If a child’s behaviour is disruptive or prevents learning from taking place the parent will be contacted. If this behaviour continues it may well result in your child’s place being withdrawn or we will ask you to take adjournment until your child is ready to learn again. We owe this to the benefit of all of our pupils and parents alike and appreciate your understanding on this matter.


Please let the head teacher know 1 month before the withdrawal.

Please note that you will not be refunded when withdrawing during a term. Thank you for your understanding.